Frequently Asked Questions about Homeopathy

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What are some conditions that homeopathy helps?

Homeopathy treats the whole person, the very core of an individual, his or her vital force, the energy complex, and if done correctly may lead to an alleviation of symptoms such as:

• Erectile dysfunction-Impotence in men.

• Lack of sexual desire in women.

• Anxiety. Depression. Panic Attacks.

• Emotional and Physical Trauma.

• Phobias.

• Grief from loss of loved ones, divorces, broken relationships.

• Musculoskeletal pains.

• Headaches.

• Fibromyalgia.

• Pains and Sprains.

• Backaches.

• Allergies.

Do I continue to see my regular doctor?

Yes, you must continue to consult your regular doctor, your primary care physician, even if you opt to use homeopathy. 

What is homeopathy?

Classical homeopathy as discovered, and developed by the German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann (1755 — 1843) uses the Law of Similars, potentized medicines called remedies, uses one remedy at any given time—prescribed at the minimum dose level to evoke a result, a change, a general improvement in the whole person, mentally, emotionally, as well as physically. The complete person is affected, instead of simply the presenting symptoms. 

A homeopathic prescriber, subscribes, follows, and practices the healing principle penned by Hippocrates: You will do no harm (to the patient.)

Why homeopathy?

Because, it is safe, cost effective, has no side effects, no drug interactions, no overdoses, made from natural sources, FDA regulated over the counter remedies, as listed in HPUS (Homeopathic Pharmacy of the United States.) Homeopathy promotes healing as well as maintenance of optimal health.

How does homeopathy work, what is its mode of action?

Homeopathy uses potentized remedies to give the body a gentle push, in order to excite the energy complex, called the vital force by Hahnemann, which mobilizes the body to self-heal.

What is the essence of homeopathic treatment?

Homeopathy does not kill viruses or bacteria, it does not manage or alleviate symptoms, it does not fight fever. In essence, homeopathy helps the body to mobilize, and strengthen its own defense mechanism, that in some cases is capable of doing all of the above.

Does absence of disease represent good health?

No. Absence of disease does not constitute good health.

How do you define excellent health?

Excellent health is represented by freedom from pain, freedom from physical limitations, freedom from mental or emotional disarray, freedom to create, and above all to live an actualized, self-fulfilled, joyous life.

According to my Professor, the world renowned, Homeopath George Vithoulkas: “A healthy person must use their abilities for a higher purpose, to do something besides themself.”

Do homeopaths use prescription drugs?

No. As a rule, homeopaths do not prescribe drugs, only homeopathic remedies as per the HPUS (Homeopathic Pharmacy of the United States.) 

Homeopathic remedies do not contain any detectable chemical substances. This is why, healing through homeopathy is so safe, and poses no threat of adverse drug reactions. These remedies can be used concurrently with any prescription drugs you may be taking. 

Do you personally use homeopathy?

Yes. I personally use homeopathy on myself and my family, for acute diseases as well as chronic conditions.

In the words of Homeopath, Chelo Olmos: “I use homeopathy because there is no other therapeutic system that influences living beings in such a deep and harmonious way, balancing all the plans of existence and making lasting healing possible that respects the laws of nature.”

Where does healing come from?

Healing comes from within a person, it is from the strengthening of the energy complex, the vital force that animates the body which when balanced creates good health. It is empowered by one’s faith, and one’s belief system. 

Homeopathy seeks to promote healing as well as maintenance of optimal health. It is safe, economical, and it delivers.

More about homeopathy

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